Alex Mallari Is Wowed By Alex Cabagnot’s Hair

| 2:01 PM

Alex Mallari Is Wowed By Alex Cabagnot’s Hair

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The moment that Alex Mallari was drafted at number three overall by the Petron Blaze Boosters, the twitterverse exploded with congratulations on joining the Petroniverse. But now that a day has passed, let us concentrate on the real hot topic that everyone will be talking about as he is now a part of the team. There is no way around this. It needs to be talked about.

Who has the better hair between Alex Mallari and Alex Cabagnot?

They both have contrasting styles. Cabagnot with the more lengthy, straight, samurai looking do. Mallari with the more wavey, scruffy, surfer boy type of cut. This is going to be a debate of massive proportions.

SLAM was able to ask the newest Blaze Booster on his thoughts on this “do-duel.” The rookie gave nothing but praise to Cabagnot’s style, “I don’t know, man. The guy has great hair. It’s so straight and silky. I think I need to step up my game with my hair when the season starts.”

What about you guys? Who wins? Alex? Or Alex? You decide!

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4 Responses to “Alex Mallari Is Wowed By Alex Cabagnot’s Hair”

  1. CHOLY

    maybe we will ask a help from all shampoo company or a hair expert like ricky reyes,david salon etchetera….but honestly in my own opinion i like them both….omo!!!!

  2. eury

    alex aq hahaha

  3. Thor

    Ya you can consult me.
    I’m sure Alex will gonna win.

  4. Trololol

    Parang Coach Alfrancis Chua and Jerick Cañada debate lang din. Hahaha

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