Awkward Alert! Alfrancis Chua Is New Ginebra Head Coach. Tangquincen Stays as Assistant

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Awkward Alert! Alfrancis Chua Is New Ginebra Head Coach. Tangquincen Stays as Assistant

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As if it wasn’t awkward enough for Siot Tangquincen before. With all eyes on him as Ginebra failed to meet expectations, veteran coach Alfrancis Chua was assigned to his staff, first as ‘consultant’ and then eventually making his way to the lead assistant chair. Now, in a very Ginebra move, team management has pulled the switcheroo card and has given Chua the head coaching job, but will not fire Tanguincen, instead relegating him to the role of lead assistant.

Interaktv has the details:

Ginebra executive Robert Non, who currently serves as PBA chairman, confirmed the news to InterAKTV, describing it as “pahiyang.”

“Palit muna silang dalawa. Siot will be first assistant, which is the role of Alfrancis at present,” said Non.

“We’ve done that before, positive naman ang result.”

The situation is similar to another coaching shift Ginebra went through a couple of years ago, when former coach Jong Uichico gave way to then-assistant Tanquingcen for the top bench spot. The two were billed as “co-coaches” but Uichico later confirmed that Tanquingcen was head coach and he was assistant.

Well now isn’t this awkward? Ginebra fans still cringe everytime the term “co-coaches” is brought up, so it would be interesting to see how the most passionate fan base in Philippine sports will react not only to the new head coach, but to the thought of the old one staying on as second fiddle.

Well, this is Ginebra after all, and much like all the other legendary franchises in all of sports, they don’t do anything without drama. Personally, I’m just curious to see if the term “Palit muna silang dalawa” was on the actual memo. Does “muna” suggest that it’s only temporary? Or did they just phrase it that way to spare Siot’s feelings? How will all the power dynamics play out? Will any Petron-like confusion take place? Or is this exactly what the team needs to kick in that extra, championship gear? We can only wait and see.

Good luck, Barangay.


Photo c/o Interaktv


2 Responses to “Awkward Alert! Alfrancis Chua Is New Ginebra Head Coach. Tangquincen Stays as Assistant”

  1. wellington lee

    patawa talaga itong san mig corp….

  2. Joyce Espinoza

    yea right, but like the title itself *awkward. good results naman ang kinalabasan ng pagiging coach ni Tanguincen and for me as a sports writer for DLSU., ang awkward na ung ipinalit mong coach e galing din sa team mo at assistant mo pa.

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