David Stern is Going to Eff Up the Spurs. Again.

David Stern just fined the San Antonio Spurs $250,000 dollars for resting some tired veterans on the 4th game in 5 nights. Now two of those veterans, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, who are nowhere near Stern’s Christmas list to begin with, are about to get in another sh*tload of trouble.

Check out this photo of arguably the best small guy-big guy combo in the league, for one in their life, doing something EXTREMELY un-Spurslike: being funny.

Yikes. I can’t imagine good ol’ Dave letting this one slide. This photo is hilarious though. And the Spurs are almost never hilarious. Except for that time Pop hacked Shaq at the start of the game, or the time Timmy was laughing so much on the bench that Joey Crawford T’d him up twice.

The over-under for Davey’s fine on this one is $135,000. Where do you place your bet? All I know is, don’t ever call the Spurs boring again.

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