I Thought We Had Something There: MVP, Perasol Back In Blue. The UP Perspective

After what UP Head Coach Ricky Dandan called “The Katipunan Two-Step”, Manny V. Pangilinan is now back in the fold with the Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles. That means the would-have-been, and now, on-again new head coach of the the 5-time defending UAAP champs is Bo Perasol. For the first time. Again.

As a UP alumnus and die-hard Fighting Maroons hopeful, this really sucks. Whatever happened to helping us get a new championship shirt other than the ’86 tees still for sale at the Shopping Center, Mr. Pangilinan? What happened to getting with us just to stick it to your unsupportive ex who questioned your values and intentions? Weren’t we the smart, demure, understated girl with the glasses who has a hot body underneath the worn-out Nikes and faded Beatles shirts? Weren’t you and me supposed to slow-dance in the middle of the prom at the end of the movie while your hot, popular ex stood there, cross-armed, green with envy?

Yes I realize that the last paragraph was a giant Taylor Swift reference. So what? Give me a break. Im grieving here.

In all seriousness though, MVP never really committed to us UP folk. We sort of just hung out by the lake while he was getting over Ateneo. We laughed, we shared a beer, we watched the stars. We flirted with the idea of what could be. But the day after that, she was calling him again and we didn’t really put up much of a fight.

What I’m trying to say is, they’re the perfect match. They always have been. We’re Julia Roberts. Only it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding and this is her ONLY movie where she doesn’t get the guy. Just our luck. (Seriously, I need new references)

Back to basketball.

Perasol will be great with Ateneo. He brings in a lot of things that are different from Norman Black’s set of principles and strategies. For the first time in a long time, Ateneo won’t have the clear-cut most loaded lineup in the league. No more Greg, Nico and Emman.

For Perasol that won’t be a problem. He’s always been the best when he doesn’t have the best. He’s an underdog, the type that thrives so much despite adversity that anything other than against all odds would feel unnatural. He makes the most of what he has. Gary David, Marcio Lassiter and rookie Jvee Casio. That’s all I have? Alright. No problem.

No inside presence, against Tim Cone’s powerhouse #1 seed? We’ll go and shoot every three pointer in sight. And win.

Bo Perasol is all heart. His X’s and O’s are there of course. He’s an extremely intelligent basketball mind. But it’s his heart, his trust in his players, his frightening toughness and penchant for going all in and rolling the dice that truly makes him a fantastic coach.

And now Ateneo has him. For the first time. Again.

Am I upset? Honestly, not really. I’m not surprised, that’s why. It was always more of just a break, not a break-up anyway. Am I scared? A little, yes. Because Kiefer Ravena will go HAM on the league next year. And with Bo feeding Kief’s mean side, the King Eagle’s hands will go ablaze soon enough.

Am I confident though that this little failed fling will inspire UP into taking revenge against our Katipunan neighbors? Absolutely. No question about it. We’re coming for you.

Humanda kayo sa Cheerdance.


Photo c/o Pba-online.net