K.G. Crosses Line Allegedly Tells Melo That His Wife Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks

My oh my. If the buzz around the rumor mill is true, that K.G. whispered to Melo that his wife, Lala Vasquez tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios, then we now understand why NYK’s top dog was unloading F-bombs all game long on Garnett and why he went berserk off the court after they lost to the Celtics yesterday.

Normal trash talk in the NBA would be about a player calling another on his inept basketball skills, or for some dudes like Stephen Jackson, the dirty words thrown at them will most probably be about their funny faces.

It surely would have been fine with Melo if he was called fat, but according to him, K.G. crossed a line that no man should. That line drawn by men and more relevantly by athletes — based on our own trash talking experiences and based on how Zinedine Zidane snapped in the 2006 World Cup — exists to protect one’s mate, kids, and family.

According to various reports, the two have “sorted out the matter”. That’s good. But for Melo and Lala, the damage has been done; fans are most probably feasting on this rumor. Heck, when Melo and the Knicks visit Boston on January 24, there will be a lot of Cheerios boxes like this:

KG Honey

Photos c/o NotBillWalton’s Twitter account and Sportsgrid.com



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