SLAM’s Top Headlines of 2012 (Larger Than Life Edition)


After all has been said and done, there are only three headlines that top it all. Three topics that will be remembered as the biggest stories of the year. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of basketball in the year of 2012.

They were about three men. Three men that made took basketball to all new heights. There was a Gin King that finally got an award that has been long time coming. A Tiger (and now BatangPier) that set the PBA on fire. And last but not the least, a little known undrafted dude becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Basketball would’ve not been the same without these guys so we thank them for the year that they gave us.

Here are the top headlines of 2012 that we larger than life.


By: Robi Raya (@DaRealRobiRaya)

If we hired AC Nielsen to conduct a survey among Pinoy basketball fans, I think more than any storyline in 2012, Gary David and the Powerade Tigers’ Cinderella run in the Philippine Cup last Season 36 would come out as top-of-mind.

I mean that Hands-on-Fire game was just legen (wait for it…) Gary! Like how people who grew up in the 70’s always remembered where they were when Marcos announced Martial Law, like how we will all remember to eternity that “This has to be one of the greatest chick flicks ever” feeling after watching One More Chance, we will all remember where we were and how shocked, elated, or depressed we felt when we watched Gary David and the Powerade Tigers burn the B-MEG Llamados.

Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote entitled For setting the league on fire, Gary David is my MVP via that explained why Gary David should’ve been the MVP last season:

Ten years from now, I’m sure we will all remember the 2011-2012 season for Gary David’s Hands-on-Fire Game versus B-MEG, for the game-saving buckets he drained against Rain Or Shine, for the 19 straight games he scored 20 or more, for the “I’m gonna say Cinderella run because it simply was a Cinderella run” run by Powerade in the Philippine Cup. Everyone fed off of his energy — including AKTV and the PBA’s television ratings. An afterthought turned iconic player produced iconic moments and a watershed year for the whole league.

 Ten years from now, when we reminisce about the 2011-2012 season, the first player we will remember will be Gary David. I have no effin doubt about it. Ten years from now, I’ll surely remember him as this season’s MVP.”

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