VIDEO: Kiefer Ravena Gets Disrespectful

| 12:08 AM

VIDEO: Kiefer Ravena Gets Disrespectful

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Kiefer Ravena, by all accounts, is a good kid. He hasn’t let the hype get to his head, he works hard and almost never showboats. However, they say all great players have a mean streak in them. And just in case you thought Kiefer didn’t have one, he let it out in their last game against UST. Cover the kids’ eyes and ears. This is rated SPG.

Ugh. Why you gotta get mean like that, Kief?

Video c/o YouTube user Ed Chen

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Kiefer Ravena Gets Disrespectful”

  1. Andrew Fernandes

    fucking incredible! napatayo ako at nag slow clap e hahaha

  2. daffodil

    sayang hindi ako nakapanood nung sabado pero ang cool talaga! galing!

  3. - SLAMonline Philippines

    […] playing years. The kid has started to show a nasty mean streak (I’m sure you want to see that “Excuse me, I have a meeting with the rim.” jam again.), and has mastered the dance steps of grooving between the lines of deferring to teammates […]

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