VIDEO: Manute Bol’s Kid, Bol Bol, can Ball!

(You wouldn’t believe how many redundancies you will read in about a few words.)

Yes you read the title right. The fruit of Manute Bol’s loins — the one he aptly named Bol Bol —can apparently ball like cray. Bol Bol is a 6’5″ seventh grader. Check him out  here:

Apparently, the long arms and the Shakey’s-thin legs of his late father have been passed down to him. Like his father, Bol Bol also has deep range; the way he launches it is even easier on the eyes. Unlike his father though, he looks like KD on the basketball court. He showed the ability of putting the ball on the floor like the scoring champ. Bol can shoot the mid-range J and play the pick-and-roll like Durantula too.

Here’s to hoping that he can be as good a baller as KD and as great a human being as his Dad someday.

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