VIDEO: Ron Burgundy’s Reaction to the Air21 vs GlobalPort Brawl

The preseason in the PBA has been rather eventful. We have seen three fights break-out and they have gotten pretty ugly. The latest one was between GlobalPort and Air21 at the Moro Lorenzo Gym in Ateneo. If you haven’t seen it, check out the video of the fight courtesy of InterAKTV.

Yousef Taha and Romel Adducul were jocking for position when the two were tangled and Adducul didn’t want to let the rookie go. Rabeh Al-Hussaini and Jondan Salvador came to Adducul’s aide. After Al-Hussaini was able to get a punch in, a melee broke out. Benches cleared, pushing and shoving ensued, and Taha was chased out of the building.

We don’t have a video of the reaction of the teams after the fight, but this is what we think it might have looked like in the locker room. Take it away, Mr. Ron Burgundy.

We are not sure if anyone was harmed with a trident. If there was, the person that threw it should look for a safe house as well. You stay classy, SLAM Online readers.

Photo c/o InterAksyon